Savage World of the Sundered Skies

Session 10

Dirty, stinking Orcs!

Year 2, Weeks 47 – 52

Year 3, Weeks 1 – 9

The Rogue Jacks, as they’ve taken to calling themselves, begin this session in Gateway. Vyse spends some time researching information about the ‘Armor of Orcbane,’ one of the relics mentioned by Oceanus. He finds no real information about it; it seems that this is an unknown name.

While Vyse does his research, Dan Bon Jovi tries to get a meeting with the Trade Council representative to inquire about bounty jobs. Finally getting a meeting toward the end of the week, he was pleased to find out (albeit rudely) that there is a high-paying job that no one has taken. There are some rogue Drakin who have been terrorizing the people of Dragon’s Spine. The job pays a whopping $2,600 for the leader of the group (alive, of course). This is a widely-known warrant as well, meaning that, if caught, the bounty can be claimed at any Trade Council office.

The following week was spent purchasing building materials, an abundant resource in Gateway, from Tomas Hawke. The Jacks, loaded and ready, set out for Dragon’s Spine.

The 8 week journey to Dragon’s Spine was uneventful except for the crew getting irritated with the long journey. Thankfully, the glowmadness started to set on late in the journey, so the crew was able to relax and recuperate with little trouble.

The first week was spent by Vyse trying to sell the building materials from Gateway, however none of the buyers he found were willing to pay more than he bought them for. Dan Bon Jovi did what he could to find more about these troublesome Drakins while Drakdor Highwing visited some old friends.

Clutch took this opportunity to see what kind of ship modifications were available here. He had spoken with some Drakin shipbuilders on Shadowhaven and was impressed with the work they did there. He purchased an Improved Tiller and Dragon Ram for their flagship, the Whiskey Jack.

During this week, Dan Bon Jovi also found out about some Orc murders that had been happening recently, causing quite a fuss. Orcs have been harassing non-Orcs, and speaking about returning to their ‘old ways.’ In an effort to thwart the crimes, the Foreign Quarter militia decreed that weapons larger than daggers were not allowed to be carried in the city. This has not stopped them, unfortunately, but has helped them keep some peace.

The next week was spent talking to locals about the murders. After a while, they were assaulted by a group of Orcs, angry about the murders and just looking for an excuse to blame anyone involved.

The battle began with the Jacks outnumbered 4 to one and surrounded. With no real option of escape, they had to fight – and fight they did. Orcs began falling left and right – nearly half of them were killed before the militia showed up to break the fight up. Bleemie was mortally wounded, and passed just as the fight was ending. The militia arrested everyone involved that they could catch.

There was a short trial, though it was obvious that they had no intention of hearing either party’s case. The Jacks were each fined $300 (Dan Bon Jovi was fined an extra $400 for making some rude statements to the judge), but were allowed to instead serve the militia for a time. They were tasked with finding an Orc willing to act as bait to find this Orc-killer, and then watch and catch the culprit. They found one such Orc, named Ulak, after a week searching, though he demanded $100 per day for such a dangerous task. Reluctant to pay but eager to get this all over with, the Jacks agreed.

After 9 long days of waiting, the killer finally struck. The Jacks needed to be quick if they were to save Ulak. Bitter about being forced to pay him, however, they were not in a hurry except to catch this criminal. They quickly realized that the creature they were up against was Orcbane, the very thing they had been trying to find! He was a fearful sight, however – its form constantly shifting between an Orc with mad, ancient eyes, an agonized glowborn, and an unholy mixing of the two. Dan Bon Jovi panicked at first, fleeing before quickly coming to his senses.

As Clutch charged the beast, many ghosts appeared before him, stopping him in his tracks. He tried cutting them down with his longsword (the militia graciously allowed the Jacks to carry their weapons for this mission), but swung right through them. The Jacks eventually made their way around and through the ghosts to attack Orcbane, who was having a tough time killing Ulak – apparently Ulak was difficult to actually kill. Orcbane was able to make a mortal wound to Ulak, who was later finished off by Dan Bon Jovi, who missed Orcbane with his musket.

It was a tough fight – Orcbane was large, fearsome and tough. Clutch, Drakdor Highwing, Dan Bon Jovi and Vyse were able to take him down, though. After mortally wounding Orcbance, Clutch finished the job by doing a leaping nosedive onto the prone beast. With its last breath, it turned into a glowborn woman, who smiled and said

“Thank you. I though the hell I inhabited before was bad, but…but it was nothing compared to sharing a body with such a beast…”

She disappeared into a puff of the black mist that seemed to engulf Orcbane through the encounter, leaving behind nothing but some obviously ancient hide armor.

The Jacks decide to take and store this armor, not really sure of its power. They report to the militia, who exonerates their ‘debt to society.’



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