Savage World of the Sundered Skies

Session 11

Year 3, Weeks 10 – 22

The Rogue Jacks decide to head to Mount Ore to hopefully sell off their current cargo. They’ve never been there, so they’re also excited to see more of the world.

They set out on the 5 week trip to Ironport, Mount Ore‘s port city. Just as Dragon’s Spine fades into the void, they are surprised by a nearby islet exploding into a volcanic eruption! Clutch scrambles to dodge the incoming debris and barely breaks a sweat doing so. Their troubles are all but over, however, as they spy a frigate moving to intercept them.

The ships circle each other while trading cannonfire. The Whiskey Jack takes a hit to the main sail, losing speed while also dodging more volcanic debris. The frigate circles back for another pass, and The Rogue Jacks slowly move to return fire. The frigate gets slammed by some debris, however, slowing it to match the Jacks’ speed. Seizing an opportunity to use their new ram, Clutch maneuvers the ship to collide into the the frigate! Despite the slow speed of their ship, they manage to smash the frigate’s hull fairly badly. Just as they collide, Drachma fires a cannon into the frigate’s deck, sending many of their crew into the void.

As both crews prepare to board each other, the nearby volcano erupts again, sending a mass of rock straight into the frigate. Unable to avoid it, they sustain a hit directly to their magazine! Before anyone knows what happened, the frigate explodes into a fiery mass of splintered wood, cannons, and pirates.

Still not out of the proverbial frying pan, the Whiskey Jack bears the brunt of the explosion, further damaging its controls. The Jacks are thankfully able to limp the ship out of range of the volcano to try to repair what they can.

It takes them an extra week to patch up the damage to the Whiskey Jack, but Clutch’s knowledge of shipbuilding helped immensely. They can finally make their way to Mount Ore!

While the crew is given some leave to carouse their glowmadness and boredom away, Vyse is able to finally sell off their building materials; he even trades some for a load of basic armaments. He is also able to pick up two more cannons. After three weeks of trading, Vyse is ready to leave and suggests they head to Heartland to take their newfound cargo to Gereth.

While Vyse was trading, Clutch was busy at the shipyard getting the Whiskey Jack repaired and conversing with the locals about modifications they can provide. He finds out that, while no modifications are provided in Ironport, the dwarves in the capital of Deepsky provide many high quality services. However, it is very difficult to get to Deepsky unless you are a dwarf.

Drakdor Highwing and Rikki Tikki Tavi took their time off to search for a replacement for their fallen comrade, Bleemie. Rikki Tikki Tavi finds a dwarven Provider named Oll Macdougal who may be willing to join their crew. After meeting the others, he is hired, and they set out for Heartland.

Once they’re out into the Void, the Jacks spy a smoking ship in the distance. As they move to investigate, they see several staggering figures moving about the deck of the sky sloop Song of Spire. Clutch brings their ship abreast, and a bunch of blinded leap onto the ship and attack! Ragers appear on the deck, running toward them, and two Ogres and an Earthbane come up from below deck! With much of the crew resting below deck, it’s up to Clutch, Vyse, Drakdor Highwing and Rikki Tikki Tavi to take care of them for now. A furious fight ensues, with most of the glowmad killed or wounded.

Can the Jacks dispose of the remaining Ogres and Earthbane? Find out next time!



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