Savage World of the Sundered Skies

Session 13

Year 3, Weeks 30 – 52

Year 4, Weeks 1 – 6

After much discussion, the Rogue Jacks decided to sell the Elven Frigate they recently procured. By selling the ship, they secured the financial future of the ‘Jacks for the time being. Afterward, Vyse took a job from the Couriers’ Guild to deliver a message to Bridgeways, but the winds were not kind to them and made them a few weeks late on the delivery. Clutch returned to the Bridgeways shipyard to commission some windsilk sails for the Whiskey Jack, and then they set out to find some cargo.

Vyse found a book merchant who often sends books to Freedom Isle, and purchased what they could hold. They even picked up another crewmember – Wooli, a drakin sorceress. She had been working for the merchant for some time now, and was looking to see the Skies. The Jacks felt that a sorcerer could be useful to have on board.

They immediately set out on the long 14-week journey to Freedom Isle. While it was a long trip, they did encounter much traffic; almost stopping at a pirate lair, fleeing from an Orcish war-raft, passing merchants, etc.

After making port in Freedom Isle, the crew was given some well-deserved time off. The Jacks spent 3 weeks in port, looking for merchants to buy their wares. They eventually landed a good price for their cargo as books are a rare commodity on Freedom Isle, but it was not enough to cover such a long trip. They then decided to head back home, to Gateway.

Once into the Void, they passed a small island covered in ice, which had a visible hollow in its side. As they passed, they could clearly see an old town, probably from before the Sundering. Anxious to find some good salvage, they docked the Whiskey Jack to explore on foot.

They were able to scrounge up enough building materials to fill one unit in their hold, but they also spotted an old smithy deep in some of the ice. Obviously left alone for some time, the contents are likely worth a lot of coin! To get there, though, they need to dig through the ice.

In order to dig efficiently, they started taking 4-hour shifts where 4 of them would excavate. Wooli proved to be a big help here, thanks to her Fire magic. After 12 hours of digging, Drachma, Rikki Tikki Tavi and 2 of the crew notice a bunch of skeletons entombed in the ice, which animated as soon as they were broken from the ice!



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