Savage World of the Sundered Skies

Session 14

We Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

Year 4, Week 6, Day 7

The Jacks had spent the past 12 hours digging a tunnel to excavate a potentially lucrative ice-entombed ruin. Drachma, Rikki Tikki Tavi and 2 of the crew freed 12 skeletons from the ice, who then animated and attacked! They seemed to just keep coming, but the shots from Drachma’s pistol warned the others. It was a cramped fight that nearly claimed the lives of a few of the crew, but the Jacks dispatched the skeletons and continued their dig.

After 16 more hours of digging, an old smithy was finally reached. They were able to enter through an old and broken window. Inside, they could see that the roof had long since collapsed under the weight of the ice, but the building was otherwise intact. Sifting through the debris, they were able to collect usable metal salvage from the old forge. Additionally, they found a trap door in the floor with a padlock on it. Clutch swung at the frozen lock, which practically broke before his sword ever made contact!

Vyse, nervous about what could be waiting below, quietly headed down the exposed stairway first. His stealth was quickly circumvented as Wooli rushed down to join him, however. Luckily, there were no beasts waiting for them; they found two chests filled with old gold and silver coins along with dozens of iron ingots! This was quite a find; they could easily sell this for a small fortune. They decide to unload their current cargo to replace it with the ingots, and return later for the rest (Clutch grabs a bag of dirt to ensure their return).

As most things turn out to be, their find was not so easily gained. As they leave the basement, Clutch and Vyse were attacked by a wraith (probably that of the old smith)! They are caught by surprise as the wraith let out a terrible, blood-curdling scream. It is a tense fight, as no one is able to strike the ghost – their attacks fly right through it!

Something clicks in Clutch and Drakdor Highwing, though. Out of nowhere, Clutch‘s longsword is able to strike the ghost (who then begins focusing on him)! As the wraith’s attention is drawn, Vyse and Wooli run up both to put distance between them and the wraith and to call for Oll MacDougal, who may be able to help.

Drakdor Highwing somehow channels the power of his Chosen ancestors as a deluge of fire ignites his very breath! The wraith is engulfed in flames over and over again, and eventually disappears into the air with the smoke that remains. Only one thing is left: the hilt of the sword the wraith was wielding.

Clutch picks the hilt up and unknowingly triggers something as an ethereal blade springs forth from the crossguard! Everyone is stunned for just a moment, and then the blade disappears again. Clutch hands the hilt to Drakdor Highwing, who is also able to produce the blade. He dubs it ‘Ghostblade.’

Now the Jacks are off again to Gateway!



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