Savage World of the Sundered Skies

Session 6

The Chase!

Weeks 25 – 37

The crew changed course to flee from the small fleet heading their way – they had no interest in the possibility of finding out who was chasing them out-numbered. In the meantime, Vyse found an elf named Ivella stowed away aboard the Zehpyr. While he was not happy to find a stow-away, Vyse took the situation as an opportunity to gain an extra set of hands on board. She seemed to know her way around ships, and also looked to be able to handle herself in combat.

Their pursuers stayed on their tails for about half a week before catching up with them. Thankfully two of them fell behind, leaving only one ship to deal with. They broke course to take a more offensive position. After a few cannon-volleys were exchanged, Clutch was able to maneuver the Baystard parallel to the frigate, and they quickley boarded each other. What followed was a vicious fight. Clutch, growing ever more thirsty for blood, swung onto the frigate, killing most everyone in his path. Dan Bon Jovi stayed aboard the Baystard firing the cannon into the frigate. With some covering fire from the Zephyr, the crew overtook the frigate, killed the captain, and took 8 of the now-obvious pirates prisoner. Dan Bon Jovi, seeing cogs in his eyes, offered the prisoners the chance to work for them in exchange for their lives (with the intention of turning them in to the Trade Council when they get back to Gateway).

The frigate – Windstorm – was in too poor condition to take while being pursued, so they decided to take what they could off of it and blow up the magazine. The explosion nearly damaged their own ships as they escaped, but it also provided some much-needed cover (and distraction) to allow them to escape the rest of the fleet.

Five peaceful weeks pass as they grow ever-more anxious to get to Gateway, when a dreaded sight is seen through the Void behind them: it seemed that the pirate fleet had caught up with them. The Lady of the Winds must have been on their side, however, as one of the ships came to a halt; they must have had some issues of their own! Now they only had to escape one ship again.

As this frigate – Distemper – closed in on them, it became obvious that it was much better outfitted than the last. They tried to stay out of close combat and deal with it with their cannons, but they were unable to penetrate the hull. As always, Clutch, thirsty for blood, maneuvered to board. This time, the pirates kept boarding them. vastly outnumbered, it was looking very grim for our crew. Their persistence and will-to-live eventually prevailed, however, as the pirates determined that they could not handle the number of casualties they were sustaining. They cut the lines and fled, and our crew took their chance to continue to Gateway.

The Shattered City could not come in to sight fast enough. On their 8th week, they passed a couple of ships in the distance moored to each other, and had not interest in investigating. Home was their only goal. The final three weeks seemed like a decade, but they made it!

Vyse, being as street-wise as he is, spent the next two weeks acquiring more cannonballs and selling what little cargo they had. All in all their long journey was well worth it. Jeche and Jarl paid them generously for their Heartland delivery, and offered them continued work if they ever desired it.



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