Savage World of the Sundered Skies

Session 7

A week late, so a cog short

Weeks 38 – 52

Our crew took only a couple of weeks in Gateway to relax and resupply before they were eager to get back out into the Void. Of course, the Void is just a side-effect of their desire to make some money, but they do spend a lot of time there. It’s a wonder they aren’t glowmad yet!

Vyse headed up to the Gateway Courier’s Guild looking for work. They had a message to be delivered to Breland Wedhol in Bridgeways. The estimated pay was the standard $1,200 for a 4-week delivery. He, Clutch and Dan Bon Jovi set off on the Baystard (leaving the Zephyr at the docks) as soon as they were ready.

Three weeks out they pass an unusual frigate flying merchant flags. The entire ship looked to be made of metal, and was mostly enclosed. Vyse was able to spy a few people inside as they passed.

Two weeks later they arrived at Bridgeways – one week late for Vyse’s delivery. He was paid 20% less, as is standard. He also agrees to deliver another letter back to Gateway. While Vyse was delivering his message, Clutch went to the shipyard to see what the people of Bridgeways could offer in the way of ship upgrades. Impressed with the local Windsilk Sails, he commissioned two sets of sails for their cloudskiffs. They spent a week in Bridgeways searching for goods to sell, but could not procure anything from which they thought they could profit.

As they set out to return to Gateway, they found themselves cursed by the winds; even with the new sails they were travelling much more slowly. Two weeks out, they spied a frigate ahead in the distance. As the two ships closed in on each other, the frigate began to maneuver itself in a potentially hostile manner – heading straight for them. Clutch, always eager for a fight (and dreaming of procuring a frigate), did not even think about turning away. The ships circled each other and exchanged cannon fire, eventually ending in the Baystard positioned to board the frigate, which was full of pirates. The pirates were not very well armed, and proved to be a threat only in numbers. Half of them swarmed the Baystard, while Clutch jumped aboard the frigate alone.

Vyse took to hand-to-hand combat, kicking at least three of the bastards off of their ship. Wounds were exchanged all around as the sounds of gunfire and steel against steel rang across both ships. The battle raged on furiously, and our crew began to fear for their lives – well out-numbered. The tide changed quickly, however, as Drachma landed a solid shot on the pirates’ captain, setting him alight with his pistol’s fury. Once the fighting stopped, sixteen of the pirates and their captain laid dead on the ships, and the remaining eight surrendered to the Baystard.

The frigate was in good condition, and was carrying a small load of cogs. They also realized that they had just enough hands to sail it with the Baystard in tow. It was very slow, and added some time to their journey; they made it to gateway six weeks later (two weeks late on the delivery).



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