Savage World of the Sundered Skies

Session 8

Year 2, Weeks 1 – 36

2 weeks selling Zephyr (and clutch failing to find potion of healing)
1 week finding Potion (Vyse), Cannonballs (Dan)
1 week finding crew (Clutch), hires Bleemie
1 week finding Musket (dan) and cannonballs (clutch)
1 week finding work, dan takes a bounty to remove Grotesque threat on Nansea Pansea
1 week travel/search for Grotesques
1 week travel to gateway
10 weeks to Shadowhaven
1 week selling/buying goods (vyse), dan notices as going mad by guards, runs away
2 weeks searching for ship upgrades (clutch)
5 weeks to Heartland
1 week in heartland; vyse sells weapons/armor loads to Gareth, agrees to smuggle 12 wildlings and wait 1 week to get more. Dan finds bounty job to find proof Gareth is helping to free wildlings, offers $1k per returned wildling. Crew warns gareth and leaves.
9 weeks to Timber (runs into escaping wildlings and windstorm, passes elven patrol)



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