Savage World of the Sundered Skies

Session 9

The Shepherd

Year 2, Weeks 37 – 46

Our Crew took some leave in Timber to do some trading and carousing. Vyse spent 2 weeks selling their current cargo and replacing it with a stock of wooden supplies, while Clutch caroused a bit with the crew. While loading their new cargo, a deer wildling came running out of the woods toward them, covered in blood.

“Help! Please, you have to help us!”

After some calming and questions, they discovered that this wildling, Roe, had run through the forest for two days in search of help. His settlement was being hunted by a Shepherd!

“We were smuggled out of Heartland sixteen years ago. We made a good life for ourselves in the forest – free at last!

“One month ago, a shepherd tracked us down. We fought back, but the elf was skilled and we have no warriors. We did the only thing we could – we ran.

“The attacks grew worse and worse. It is obvious the shepherd isn’t alone – she has ferals with her. We decided, as the fastest, I would make a run for it and try to get help from the human tree-eaters. The others are making a stand a few hours from the village. I got past the shepherd and her creatures, but she managed to wound me.

“Please, you must help us!”

After some discussion, Our Crew decided to help. They formed an excursion party that consisted of Clutch, Vyse, Dan Bon Jovi, Drachma, and 4 of the deck hands. They were led by Roe through the forest for 4 days. The crew insisted on making camp each night – to Roe’s protest. On the second day, Drachma tripped a blade trap, but was able to jump out of the way just before being hit. At the end of the third day cycle, the Crew decided to push on through the sleep cycle to make it to the settlement sooner.

Upon reaching the wildling village, they found that it was a complete mess. Homes and shelters were torn apart, and not a soul was still in the settlement. Roe lead them out of the village down an animal path. After two hours, they found the site of a recent battle. Three mauled wildling corpses were spread around a large man-wolf creature that was slain by the wildlings’ spears.

Three hours later down the trail, they heard the sounds of fighting. Just ahead, across a large clearing, stood an Elf. She was intently watching two ferals try to draw wildlings out of a rock outcrop, and would pick them off as they fell out.

The Crew immediately attacked, but were unable to surprise the shepherd. Dan Bon Jovi and Drachma slowly closed in, firing their guns at the elf and ferals, who immediately charged at them. Clutch and the crew closed as fast as they could. The battle eventually turned into close combat between Clutch, the Elf, and Roe. Wounds were exchanged, but the Elf and her ferals finally fell.

The wildlings were unimaginably grateful for their help, but couldn’t offer them any payment other than whatever they could find on the Elf. After looting the bodies of their foes (finding cogs, armor, weapons, Elvish potions, and a peculiar potted plant), they made the 4-day hike back to Timber. The fruit from the plant thankfully was able to sustain all eight of them for the whole trip; the fruit seems to grow back every day.

They set out for Gateway as soon as they returned to their ship. This trip has been very long for them in the past, but they were able to make it in merely 6 weeks! They didn’t even run into any pirates; the islands must have shifted just right in their favor!

Once in Gateway, Vyse sold their cargo of wood to Tomas Hawke and went to the library to research the plant they found.



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