Drakdor Highwing

Chosen Drakin Warrior



Chosen – Brighter, more polished scales, non-functioning wings. +2 to dragon or drakin related Common Knowledge rolls.
Dragon Might – Loses Small Hindrance, gains razor-sharp claws and teeth that deal Strength + d6 damage.


Small – Toughness -1 (Overridden by Dragon Might)

Drakdor Highwing, Drakin
Pace 6 Parry 6 Toughness 8(3) Charisma -2 (0 for Drakin)
Agility d6 Smarts d6 Strength d8 Spirit d8 Vigor d6
Skills Knowledge (Arcana) d4 Knowledge (History) d6 Fighting d8 Notice d6
Boating d4 Intimidation d8 Streetwise d6
Hindrances Small All Thumbs Overconfident Outsider
Edges Arcane Senses Dragonkin Chosen Dragon Might
Gear Bronze Breastplate (WT 1)
Claws Str + d6 Damage
Bite Str + d6 Damage
All Thumbs Repair (-2), Breaks mechanical devices on Skill roll of 1
Overconfident Nothing he cannot do
Arcane Senses May detect supernatural persons, objects or effects within sight. This is taxing and causes a level of Fatigue (Spirit (-2) avoids) that is removed with an hour’s rest.
Dragonkin Base 15 PP

Chosen Drakin Warrior, calls the small island of Highwing his home.

Drakdor Highwing

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