Savage World of the Sundered Skies

Session 5
Crime Pays

Weeks 6 – 25

Dan Bon Jovi quickly climbed the beached sky ship and helped Clutch man their only cannon (thankfully, it was facing inland). They got a few rounds off before Clutch decided he’d rather get in the fight up close; it was, after all, his nature. Dan Bon Jovi stayed and manned the cannon.

Clutch made quick work of the majority of the inhabitants, often felling two or three at a time. His fight concluded with a long duel with the apparent leader; while Dan Bon Jovi provided cover fire with the cannon, taking care of a few men and destroying the structure on the island.

After the battle, they realized they were pretty much stranded. Their ship was functional, but they had no means to get it off the island. To make matters worse, Dan Bon Jovi began to succumb to glowmadness. They searched the small island, got Dan Bon Jovi shut inside the dark of their ship’s hold, and Clutch began trying to build a makeshift sail to attach to the ship’s island hopper.

Almost a week went by, when they heard cannon fire out in the void. Clutch quickly realized that the culprit ship was the Spirit of the Zephyr! Vyse, along with Drachma had found them, and they were saved!

Vyse had asked around and found the old drunk that sold Dan Bon Jovi the dirt; apparently, he had been selling it to others, feeding the pirates with prey.

Vyse and Drachma disembark to help prepare Little Baystar to be towed, as well as to check out the small island for themselves. Drachma points out that the rubble from the structure could sell as salvage. They load up both ships with what they could carry and set off with the Zephyr leading the way and the Baystar limping behind.

They reach gateway a week later. Dan Bon Jovi collects his bounties and heads indoors to recuperate from the Glow. Vyse feels the need to learn to build ships and asks around the shipyard. He meets a dwarf named O’Malley who agrees to teach him in return for free labor. Clutch works at the shipyard for five weeks.

Vyse is kept busy travelling the city buying and selling goods. He spends three weeks selling the salvage from the island, finding and purchasing three cannons, and finding a rare item for himself. He then relaxes for the remaining two weeks while Clutch finishes his training.

Once Clutch finished learning the basics of his new craft, he heads out drinking while Vyse looks for work at the Courier’s guild. They gave him a message to take to Roseport in Heartland. As fate happens, Clutch is approached by two elves, Jeche and Jarl, while he drinks in their establishment, the Windblown Flotsam. They comment on his gruff look, and offer him a smuggling job to take some weapons and armor to another elf, Gareth, in Roseport.

Seeing this lucky break as a lucrative opportunity, they took both jobs (after outfitting Little Baystar’s cargo space to be hidden) and shipped out.

They had an uneventful four-week journey to Heartland. This put Vyse right on schedule for his delivery, which he made immediately; with Clutch being a Wildling, they wanted to spend as little time in Heartland as possible. Vyse contacted Gareth about the shipment form Gateway, and to offer to sell him their spare cannons. He agreed, giving them a bank note, and later came to the ship to pick up the goods and make them a additional offer. He offered the crew a chance to “double their earnings” by smuggling a group of wildlings out of Heartland to Canopy. They jumped at the opportunity, paid a visit to the Navigator Hall, stocked up on supplies and shipped out once again.

It was a six week journey to Canopy, and they again didn’t pass another soul on the way. Upon arriving at Timber, the local Port, Vyse and Clutch set out to find the foreman. Easy enough, as he was actually named Foreman. Foreman looked over the papers from Gareth, and nodded to his men who loaded a crate onto the ship. The crew was surprised to see it full of cogs – about $7,000!

They stayed a week in Timber relaxing and trying to find goods to ship to gateway. All they found was some scrap metal, but Clutch realized that it wasn’t worth purchasing here where metal is scarce. They stocked up again and began their long eleven-week journey back to Gateway.

One week out, they passed a Frigate in the distance. It was a tense few hours, wondering if they were pirates or not, but the frigate eventually changed course to avoid the Zephyr and Baystar. One week later, they spied a small fleet of ships far in the distance. The crew knew they were spotted – probably by pirates – when the three ships changed course to intercept them!

Session 4
Thar be Pirates

Vyse, Clutch and Drachma made it back to Gateway after a few days of flying without issue. Vyse had some business to take care of, so Clutch went drinking. While carousing, he met up with a human named Dan Bon Jovi, who had purchased a bag of dirt from a drunkard who claimed that the source of the dirt was home to a band of pirates. Dan Bon Jovi, being a bounty hunter, jumped at the chance for a job, but needed transportation. He hired Clutch to take him there.

The island turned out to be just a few days’ travel into the Shattered City, just like the man said. As they approached the island, Clutch spotted a ship moored at the shore. Thirsting for battle, he climbed the void and dropped the Little Baystar, as he has dubbed it, onto the ship. Clutch skillfully piloted the ship to skid across the deck of his target, bouncing off and onto the island. While their ship sustained damage to its steering mechanism, the jolt of the crash threw Dan Bon Jovi from the deck, sustaining some minor injuries. Looking up, he saw a group of 9 men running toward them.

Session 3 - A Dragon's Rage

The group split ways for a while. Gizmo and Skybeard had some things of their own to tend to in Gateway, so Clutch and Vyse headed back to Tower Island (after getting paid, of course). They loaded up their new skiff (re-christened Spirit of the Zephyr) with what salvage they had to leave behind and returned to Gateway to sell it. The only trouble they ran into was a debris field that damaged the ship’s hull, but it wasn’t too bad.

After getting the ship repaired and selling their cargo, Clutch and Vyse started looking into the Lightbringer’s message to them. They got hold of Joseth Truthbearer, who excitedly planned to get them aboard Bone Queen’s flagship death barge Soulflame. Feeling they might need some help, they hired a mercenary named Drachma and went with Joseth.

A few days spent in the Shattered City would drive anyone to madness, but these three stayed sane. On the third day, they spied some skiffs heading their direction. They all drank some potions that Joseth gave them and passed out.

They awoke in a room made of skin and bone to the sight of three zombies searching through bodies. While Clutch and the merc made quick work of them, Vyse found their equipment piled in a corner. They rushed out of the room and dispatched a few more zombies before they realized they they looked to be undead! It must have been the potion. They found that they were able to explore the ship unhindered.

After locating the engine room, they decided to plan their escape before acting. They went topside and found a bunch of cloudskiffs, of which they sabotaged all but one. Clutch also grabbed some gunpowder from one of them to make a powder bomb.

Back in the engine room, Clutch sneakily lit and threw the bomb, providing a short distraction (and damaging a ghost!). As the fight broke out, the three of them seemed to be in far over their heads. Vyse was nearly killed by zombies while trying to open the furnace door, but Clutch was able to come and help. When the door was opened, an ethereal dragon charged out, breathing fire over absolutely everything. Panic ensued among the heroes until they realized that they were not being harmed; after which they quickly dispatched the remaining undead. After they were taken care of, the dragon transformed the mercenary’s pistol into the likeness of a dragon and disappeared into the ship.

Shortly after, the ship began shaking. Not only did it have no pilot, but it seemed to be moving on its own. They had little time to escape, but thanks to their planning were able to make it to a skiff just in time to see the Soulflame disintegrate into the void.

Session 2 - Scavenger Hunt
Friends in Odd Places

While Clutch and Vyse were exploring the ruins of what they are calling Tower Island, they witnessed a small vessel crash into the tower. Amazingly unharmed, its only passengers were Gizmo, an engineer; and Skybeard, a quirky sorcerer. After some time and discussion, they agreed to give the two newcomers a ride to Gateway if they helped them search the tower.

In the basement of the tower, they came across a foul beast – some kind of deformed obese human. It immediately attacked them while animating some nearby skeletons (one of which wore the gloves they were looking for). It was a long fight, but they eventually got the better of the creatures. They were able to scavenge some old weapon and armor scraps from the tower, and also found an odd medallion on which a behemoth-like creature was depicted flying over what seemed to be a body of water.

After some further discussion of loot-splitting, Clutch and Vyse agreed to cut the newcomers in on the salvage since they helped in the fight. Luckfinder made things a little easier by foregoing his shares in return for the medallion (although Skybeard had a liking to it).

During the trip back, all but Clutch were awakened by screaming on deck, to find that Luckfinder was encapsulated by glow – brighter than they had ever seen. A deep, booming voice was heard from within the light. It claimed to be the god Lightbringer, charging them to find “artifacts of the Souls,” else the Shield would fail.

  • The fuel that burns in the Queen’s barge
  • The armor of Orcbane
  • Festival’s harp
  • The hammer of the damned dwarf
  • The Raven staff

The message didn’t make much sense to the group, but they figured they shouldn’t ignore a god. In the mean-time, the light faded away, leaving an enraged ogre in Luckfinder’s place; the poor sap had gone glowmad! The fight was rather quick with Vyse running around the ship tying the ogre to the mast with his grappling hook while Gizmo and Skybeard exchanged blows with the ogre.

Session 1 - Scavenger Hunt

The crew had been stuck on Gateway, not having a boat and all, and was anxiously looking for work to get out and see the Skies. After what seemed like ages, one member finally landed something. It pays decently for a short job, but it at least got them off the island for a while. Plus, they could find some decent salvage during the job.

They are on board a small cloudskiff, the Chance, and are four days into an estimated week-and-a-half job. They’ve been hired by Tomas Hawke, a merchant back on Gateway. Hawke has hired them to investigate a shipwreck somewhere in the Shattered City. The wreck is supposedly of a frigate called the Raven, which was captained by Hawke’s son, Allon. Hawke is seeking only closure; his son’s ship disappeared seven years ago. He agreed to pay a sum of 1,000 cogs and the majority of salvage found if the crew were to bring him either his son’s remains or the black hawk-embroidered gloves that he wore.

Karr Luckfinder, the captain and crew of the Chance, claims to have discovered the wreckage, and Hawke has hired him to take the crew there. Karr is meant only to ferry them, and was promised 2 shares of any salvage found.

Once the Raven was spotted, Vyse and Clutch set off on the ship’s island hopper. When the neared the island, a group of unusually-aggressive barnacle apes started pelting rocks at them! Unable to really fight back, they just had to keep dodging. Vyse got nailed in the head and started bleeding profusely; but – thank the Gods – it was not nearly as bad as it looked. Once they neared the shore, Vyse hooked one of the apes with his grappling hook and pulled him off the island, scaring the others away.

Upon approaching the wreckage of the Raven, Vyse and Clutch knew they were going to have to climb. Luckily, Vyse was there to help. With little trouble, they made it to the upper deck. Alarmed by a pile of skulls (probably the crew’s), they proceeded into the lower deck with caution.

The lower deck stunk of death and decay; it was so bad that Vyse got sick. Somewhat fatigued, they searched the deck, finding nothing but a few vials of what looks like water in a now worthless chest. Some of the masonry that fell on the ship formed a makeshift stairway down into the hold.

Carefully descending the steps, Clutch was surprised at the landing by more barnacle apes. One of them was slightly larger, whose eyes glowed orange as if taken by the Void. Before Clutch was able to get into the fray, two of the apes started clawing Vyse. Once he realized what was going on, however, Clutch made quick work of the apes.


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