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About the Skies

Common knowledge about many aspects and places in the Skies can be found in the Gazatteer. Characters are assumed to know much of this information, but Common Knowledge rolls will be called for if there are any questions. There is also a generic Map of the Skies, although this is not to scale nor is it an accurate depiction of each islands or their location. Keep in mind – the Skies are constantly moving.

Because of the lack of natural phenomena in the Skies, there is no viable way to keep a unified calendar. The Trade Council has instituted a common Cycle system to keep track of days and help people keep on a similar time schedule. Each official day consists of 25 hours split into two cycles – one Waking and one Sleeping. While this is mostly worldwide, each island keeps track of its own time and cares not about the time of other islands.

The standard unit of time measurement is a week. For simplicity, we’ll use our own calendar system – 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year. Just know that the people of the Skies have no desire, need, or viable ability to keep track of a unified calendar.

House Rules

We’ll use a few House Rules in our campaign, which are all subject to change if we feel they need to.

Trading and Jobs

Since there is interest in some core focus on trading, I’ve attempted to expand Trading interactions to be less cut-and-dry. Additionally, I’ve expanded the Bounty Hunting rules detailed in the Sundered Skies core since we have a bounty-hunting focused character. I expect these expanded rules to evolve as we play them to better suit the game.

Islands of the Skies

These are the islands which our Crew have visited and know personally.

Gateway – Metropolis and figurative gateway of the Shattered City
Heartland – Home of the Elves
Canopy – Ice-forest covered island, home to many escaped Wildlings
Shadowhaven – Metropolitan capital of the Skies
[[Dragon’s Spine]] – Home island of the Drakin race


Trade Council
Willow Court
Bright Cabal

The Crew

The Rogue Jacks

Dan Bon Jovi
Drakdor Highwing
Drachma: Loyal mercenary in the employ of Vyse and Clutch
Rikki Tikki Tavi: Wildling Mongoose rescued from certain death in the Void
Oll MacDougal: Hired Provider.
8 Ex-pirate crewmen

Ex Rogue Jacks

Bleemie: Hired Songpriest Employed for 56 weeks. Reason for employment termination: deceased Year 3, week 8 of Adventure.

Friends of the Crew

These are occasional characters that join the crew.


Important NPCs

Tomas Hawke – Gateway merchant that sent the Crew on the job that uncovered a prophesy.
Joseth Truthbearer
Jeche and Jarle – Boughbreaker supporters and weapon-run contacts.
Jared Nilsenn – Outfits ships to have hidden compartments
GerethHeartland Boughbreaker contact


Artifacts of the Souls


Whiskey Jack – Our Crew’s current flagship
Little Baystard – Cloudskiff commandeered from the death barge Soulflame
Spirit of the Zephyr – Renamed cloudskiff ‘inherited’ from Karr Luckfinder
The Chance – Karr Luckfinder’s cloudskiff

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