Welcome to the Sundered Skies!

The Sundered Skies began when another world died. Millennia ago, a terrible cataclysm shattered a world. What remained was an unknown number of islands foating in a fathomless void. Millions perished in the Sundering, and hundreds of thousands more died during the chaos that followed.

Despite the horrors of these times, the races of elf, dwarf, man, orc, and drakin—aided by mostly benevolent gods—survived and fourished in this strange new world. Now, skyships fy between islands, allowing trade, travel, exploration, and the salvaging of artifacts and material from the pre-Sundering age. Skyship crews face dangerous weather, pirates, and more, while scavengers of ancient ruins often face the undead and other, darker creatures. The churches of the Skies bring together worshippers to pay homage to the gods. The powerful and bureaucratic Trade Council enforces a sky-wide peace, turning a blind eye to several small, clandestine wars continuing in the shadows. Meanwhile, mysterious and arcane secret societies hatch their baleful plans.

Sundered Skies is still a dangerous place.

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Savage World of the Sundered Skies

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