Savage World of the Sundered Skies

Session 16
The Iron Citadel

Year 4, Weeks 45 – 52

Year 5, Weeks 1 – 13

The Rouge Jacks pulled into the port of Freedom Isle with a damaged Orcish raft in tow. They had just attacked and looted the ship, to find a hold full of noncombatant orcs. To Clutch‘s protest, they spared them and took them to Freedom Isle with them, but held them captive while they were in port. The crew began to get restless, annoyed that they were in port for weeks but still having to work. Drakdor Highwing was able to talk to them to keep their spirits up, thankfully. They stayed for 3 weeks to sell their cargo, then set sail for Aria in search of "Festival’s Harp."

The first week out in the Void, one of the crew, Sheep, accidentally set fire to the Whiskey Jack while smoking his pipe. Thankfully, the crew scrambled to put the fire out, and it lasted only a few minutes. No lasting damage was actually done to the ship, and the ’Jacks reprimanded Sheep.

On the third week, Clutch and Vyse spotted an Elven frigate in the distance. Taking a closer look through his spyglass, Vyse could see flags of the Willow Court. Anxious for action, the ’Jacks changed course to intercept, and their target followed suit – not about to run from some random frigate.

Only a few volleys were exchanged until the Rogue Jacks were able to maneuver parallel to the Elves and board. The ‘Jacks order their crew to charge, and a furious fight ensued. Clutch led the assault, but was soon overwhelmed. Drakdor Highwing produced his Ghost Blade and rushed to Clutch’s aid, beating the elves back. Wooli provided some helpful artillery support with her lightning bolts and fire blasts, but Rikki Tikki Tavi and Dan Bon Jovi came within an inch of their lives before Oll MacDougal was able to aid them. The battle was furious, but quick, and every last Elf was slain, and the Rogue Jacks rose victorious!

Among the cargo in the hold was a magical Spear and a wizard’s tome – the effects of which are not yet known.

With their newly-acquired ship and goods, the Jacks decided to change course and head to Shadowhaven. On this 5-week journey, the Rogue Jacks come across a Council Ship and another Elven patrol ship, but avoid both of them. Wooli tries to decipher the tome on the journey, but cannot yet grasp the content.

Upon landing in Shadowhaven, the Jacks grant their crew a much-needed stay in port since they have no prisoners to watch. While Vyse and Dan Bon Jovi searched for a buyer for this “pirate” frigate, Clutch, Wooli and Drakdor Highwing searched for merchants to sell their cargo to. Wooli and Drakdor Highwing had good luck, but Clutch quickly tired of work and spent a few nights in the port’s taverns.

In one tavern, he noticed an unkempt human – obviously a sailor – with some very expensive-looking trinkets. He was also spending cogs as if it were his last day here – even for a sailor, it was a lot. What really caught his eye, however, was the man’s tankard – it was made of iron, and prominently bore the symbol of Oceanus. Clutch offered to buy the man a drink, which he gladly obliged.

They got to talking, and when asked about his past, the man – who introduced himself as Samar, told his tale:

Hear the sad tale of Samar, me scavenging band, and the doom they found in the Iron Citadel.

My scavenging crew heard rumors of a mother lode somewhere in the Star Crater ruins.

Searched for days, we did, finding nothing. Then Natalia got caught in a rock fall – poor girl. The fall uncovered a door, though. Behind that door… everything was iron – the floor, the walls, the chairs and tables, even the plates! We should have realized nothing could ever be this easy, but we were foolish.

Jon… he heard it first…

He takes a big swig of his drink, as if trying so hard to forget something.

…a screaming burrowing into your skull and making your brain ache. Then these creatures… terrible headless creatures… mouths on the ends of their arms…

He takes another big gulp, dripping down his beard

These…maulers…attacked and tore me mates to shreds in front of me eyes.

He hastily finishes his drink and motions to the barkeep for more.

How I escaped I dunno, but I did, taking with me a few trinkets I had gathered. I ain’t been back since. But… with fellows like you to help me, we could become richer than our wildest dreams! What’dya say? I’ll lead you there, and we split the goods equal shares.

Clutch, intrigued both by the man’s story and the potential for lucrative adventure, agreed to take him back to this ‘Iron Citadel.’ They had been planning on searching Aria for some harp, but that could wait; it was Vyse’s hunch, anyway. Clutch explained that his crew was still on Shadowhaven for a few more weeks, and that he would contact Samar when they were ready to set sail.

The Jacks took four more weeks selling their cargo, spare cannons, and relaxing a bit. Afterward, they picked up Samar and set sail for Star Crater Isle.

This month-long journey was uneventful, although they did spot a small ship sailing near the coast of Star Crater Isle. As they approached the island, the concentrated ring of Voidglow really got to Drakdor Highwing, who became very irritable – an obvious start of glowmadness. They moored the Whiskey Jack to the isle and formed an excursion party: Samar, Clutch, Vyse, Drakdor Highwing, Wooli, Dan Bon Jovi, Drachma and Oll MacDougal. They set out to find the Iron Citadel Samar described.

They marched through the ruins of the City of Spire for an hour before spotting another soul. About twenty yards ahead of them stood a very large man, who started yelling to someone else as soon as he saw the ’Jacks. Clutch and Samar called out in peace, hoping to avoid a fight but the others rushed to battle. It was a quick one, and they ended up slaying the 5 vagabonds (maybe pirates). They thought briefly about tracking them to a ship (if they had one), but decided to press on.

Two hours of marching later, Samar stops at a small barrow-type mound with a small wall on part of it. Samar became confused, and a little nervous:

“It was right here… the citadel… this wall wasn’t here.”

Vyse inspects the mound, and sees no evidence of any kind of citadel – unless it was underground behind that wall. Wooli suggests destroying the wall, and blasts it with her flame magic.

The wall crumbles to the ground at the heavy force. Behind it stands a single room – 10 yards square. The far wall looks old and worn, with Voidlight seeping through the cracks (although Vyse saw no other wall on the barrow). In the center stands a statue covered in flayed skin, with a bearded face pinned to its chest – a grotesque sight.

The statue became fearful as Wooli and Drakdor Highwing approached. The face animated, its jaw dropped and began screaming – as terrifying as it was, it only truly scared Samar, who recognized the face as an old crewmember – Jon.

The statue animated as well, and swiped its clawed appendages at Wooli and Drakdor Highwing. It hit them, and hit them hard. This thing fought visciously, and the party was having a difficult time actually hurting it. After a few moments, Vyse recognized this being as a Damned Golemn – a being he had read about in his travels. He had a quick word with Samar and was able to determine its weakness – these golemns can be stunned if they are called by the name of a soul imprisoned within it. The Jacks then began calling it by the name ‘Jon’ before attacking, which helped to keep it from attacking them. Vyse snuck up behind it and jumped onto it, hanging from around its neck – a dangerous place to be, but it helped to keep it distracted. After a long and vicious fight, Drakdor Highwing gave the final blow to it with his ghost-blade. As it fell, however, it exploded.

Oll MacDougal spent a few minutes patching up wounds as they inspected the far wall; they all saw debris from the explosion fly into it, but instead of bouncing off they flew into it, leaving ripples throughout the wall. Vyse moved close to inspect. As he touched the wall, he felt an intense head that faded quickly. He also felt that the wall wasn’t actually there. He moved into it, and the rest of the Rogue Jacks followed.

They were all surrounded by Voidglow. They could see or hear nothing around them, and could feel that they were moving but had no control over it. They had no measure of how much time was passing. During this journey, they all re-lived every wrong ever done to them – no matter how slight. The anger that those wrongs brought to them along with the constant glow could have easily driven them all mad – but did it?

They eventually grew tired and lost consciousness.

Session 14
We Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

Year 4, Week 6, Day 7

The Jacks had spent the past 12 hours digging a tunnel to excavate a potentially lucrative ice-entombed ruin. Drachma, Rikki Tikki Tavi and 2 of the crew freed 12 skeletons from the ice, who then animated and attacked! They seemed to just keep coming, but the shots from Drachma’s pistol warned the others. It was a cramped fight that nearly claimed the lives of a few of the crew, but the Jacks dispatched the skeletons and continued their dig.

After 16 more hours of digging, an old smithy was finally reached. They were able to enter through an old and broken window. Inside, they could see that the roof had long since collapsed under the weight of the ice, but the building was otherwise intact. Sifting through the debris, they were able to collect usable metal salvage from the old forge. Additionally, they found a trap door in the floor with a padlock on it. Clutch swung at the frozen lock, which practically broke before his sword ever made contact!

Vyse, nervous about what could be waiting below, quietly headed down the exposed stairway first. His stealth was quickly circumvented as Wooli rushed down to join him, however. Luckily, there were no beasts waiting for them; they found two chests filled with old gold and silver coins along with dozens of iron ingots! This was quite a find; they could easily sell this for a small fortune. They decide to unload their current cargo to replace it with the ingots, and return later for the rest (Clutch grabs a bag of dirt to ensure their return).

As most things turn out to be, their find was not so easily gained. As they leave the basement, Clutch and Vyse were attacked by a wraith (probably that of the old smith)! They are caught by surprise as the wraith let out a terrible, blood-curdling scream. It is a tense fight, as no one is able to strike the ghost – their attacks fly right through it!

Something clicks in Clutch and Drakdor Highwing, though. Out of nowhere, Clutch‘s longsword is able to strike the ghost (who then begins focusing on him)! As the wraith’s attention is drawn, Vyse and Wooli run up both to put distance between them and the wraith and to call for Oll MacDougal, who may be able to help.

Drakdor Highwing somehow channels the power of his Chosen ancestors as a deluge of fire ignites his very breath! The wraith is engulfed in flames over and over again, and eventually disappears into the air with the smoke that remains. Only one thing is left: the hilt of the sword the wraith was wielding.

Clutch picks the hilt up and unknowingly triggers something as an ethereal blade springs forth from the crossguard! Everyone is stunned for just a moment, and then the blade disappears again. Clutch hands the hilt to Drakdor Highwing, who is also able to produce the blade. He dubs it ‘Ghostblade.’

Now the Jacks are off again to Gateway!

Session 13

Year 3, Weeks 30 – 52

Year 4, Weeks 1 – 6

After much discussion, the Rogue Jacks decided to sell the Elven Frigate they recently procured. By selling the ship, they secured the financial future of the ‘Jacks for the time being. Afterward, Vyse took a job from the Couriers’ Guild to deliver a message to Bridgeways, but the winds were not kind to them and made them a few weeks late on the delivery. Clutch returned to the Bridgeways shipyard to commission some windsilk sails for the Whiskey Jack, and then they set out to find some cargo.

Vyse found a book merchant who often sends books to Freedom Isle, and purchased what they could hold. They even picked up another crewmember – Wooli, a drakin sorceress. She had been working for the merchant for some time now, and was looking to see the Skies. The Jacks felt that a sorcerer could be useful to have on board.

They immediately set out on the long 14-week journey to Freedom Isle. While it was a long trip, they did encounter much traffic; almost stopping at a pirate lair, fleeing from an Orcish war-raft, passing merchants, etc.

After making port in Freedom Isle, the crew was given some well-deserved time off. The Jacks spent 3 weeks in port, looking for merchants to buy their wares. They eventually landed a good price for their cargo as books are a rare commodity on Freedom Isle, but it was not enough to cover such a long trip. They then decided to head back home, to Gateway.

Once into the Void, they passed a small island covered in ice, which had a visible hollow in its side. As they passed, they could clearly see an old town, probably from before the Sundering. Anxious to find some good salvage, they docked the Whiskey Jack to explore on foot.

They were able to scrounge up enough building materials to fill one unit in their hold, but they also spotted an old smithy deep in some of the ice. Obviously left alone for some time, the contents are likely worth a lot of coin! To get there, though, they need to dig through the ice.

In order to dig efficiently, they started taking 4-hour shifts where 4 of them would excavate. Wooli proved to be a big help here, thanks to her Fire magic. After 12 hours of digging, Drachma, Rikki Tikki Tavi and 2 of the crew notice a bunch of skeletons entombed in the ice, which animated as soon as they were broken from the ice!

Session 12
It's the Murder Bunny!

Year 3, Weeks 22 – 29

The Rogue Jacks are fighting furiously with what’s left of a vicious crew-gone-Glowmad. Oll MacDougal rushes to Vyse‘s call for assistance and begins casting Healing on everyone! Clutch manages to shake off the hits he’s taken to get back to what he does best. Drakdor Highwing, too, starts laying on the hurt, rending his foes in twain. It was a quick finish to a drag-out fight.

As the Jacks inspect this now-derelict vessel, shouts of joy could be heard from the crow’s nest; there is a sole survivor of the Song of Spire‘s crew: Mikael Biltin. Biltin explains that he was the ship’s bard, though the Lightbringer must have taken a special interest in them because his songs could not keep the crew’s spirits up. As it turns out, however, he just isn’t a very good bard.

The Jacks tether the Song of Spire to the Whiskey Jack and continue on to Heartland. Just as soon as the wooded island breaches the Voidglow, so does an Elven Patrol Frigate! Deciding to stop and hopefully avoid suspicion and confrontation, Clutch and Rikki Tikki Tavi scramble below deck to hide among the cargo. As they get settled, the ship comes abreast theirs, and they are boarded.

A squad of 12 Oakthorn troops and 4 Bloodhound ferals come aboard. Unbeknownst to the Jacks, however, this is the entire crew; they recently had to send half of their numbers to the aid of another vessel. They question the acting captain, Vyse, who assures them that the entire crew is on deck and that they are not carrying anything banned from the area. The Oakthorn still insist on inspecting the ship and their cargo and the Jacks have no choice but to sit tight.

One of the bloodhounds almost immediately smells something below, and 6 of the Oakthorn and 2 of the fereals go below. Clutch, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before he and Rikki are discovered, quickly plans an ambush. He sees his opportunity as the ferals do not immediately detect him as they enter the cargo bay!

Clutch runs out into the search party’s midst and sweeps around them, killing two of the elves and nearly killing one of the ferals. Rikki rushes out to help, but is not comfortable with a sword and drops it. The elves jump to attack Clutch, but one recognizes him, running topside yelling ’It’s the murder-bunny!’ He apparently made a name for himself when he escaped.

As the elves topside rush down to help, Vyse and the crew jump into action, eventually convincing the now-outnumbered Oakthorn to surrender. Vyse then heads below to help Clutch, who is just finishing up. As the dust settles, they had captured 4 elves and 3 bloodhounds.

There was some serious discussion about what they should do next. They did not want to let these elves go; they would be able to identify them easily, making runs to Heartland very difficult. To Clutch‘s protest and Oll MacDougal’s relief, they decided also that they did not want to just kill their prisoners. They ultimately decided to keep them prisoner and change course to Gateway.

The winds were kind to them on this trip, as it only took them 3 weeks. It actually would have taken them only 2, but they changed course again after a week to avoid a Drake; they certainly didn’t want to tangle with such a beast with two spare ships in tow.

They docked in Gateway and Vyse immediately set out to sell the Song of Spire, which Biltin had no intention of contesting; he was done with sailing for now. Surprisingly, Vyse was able to find 4 buyers, and sold the ship to one Erza for $15,000. Quite a pretty penny for a ship in such poor condition, but Erza apparently enjoys fixing up ships.

Clutch and Dan Bon Jovi went to jeJeche and Jarle to discuss these Oakthorn. They are working on setting up a rendezvous to exchange them with another Boughbreaker ship.

Session 11

Year 3, Weeks 10 – 22

The Rogue Jacks decide to head to Mount Ore to hopefully sell off their current cargo. They’ve never been there, so they’re also excited to see more of the world.

They set out on the 5 week trip to Ironport, Mount Ore‘s port city. Just as Dragon’s Spine fades into the void, they are surprised by a nearby islet exploding into a volcanic eruption! Clutch scrambles to dodge the incoming debris and barely breaks a sweat doing so. Their troubles are all but over, however, as they spy a frigate moving to intercept them.

The ships circle each other while trading cannonfire. The Whiskey Jack takes a hit to the main sail, losing speed while also dodging more volcanic debris. The frigate circles back for another pass, and The Rogue Jacks slowly move to return fire. The frigate gets slammed by some debris, however, slowing it to match the Jacks’ speed. Seizing an opportunity to use their new ram, Clutch maneuvers the ship to collide into the the frigate! Despite the slow speed of their ship, they manage to smash the frigate’s hull fairly badly. Just as they collide, Drachma fires a cannon into the frigate’s deck, sending many of their crew into the void.

As both crews prepare to board each other, the nearby volcano erupts again, sending a mass of rock straight into the frigate. Unable to avoid it, they sustain a hit directly to their magazine! Before anyone knows what happened, the frigate explodes into a fiery mass of splintered wood, cannons, and pirates.

Still not out of the proverbial frying pan, the Whiskey Jack bears the brunt of the explosion, further damaging its controls. The Jacks are thankfully able to limp the ship out of range of the volcano to try to repair what they can.

It takes them an extra week to patch up the damage to the Whiskey Jack, but Clutch’s knowledge of shipbuilding helped immensely. They can finally make their way to Mount Ore!

While the crew is given some leave to carouse their glowmadness and boredom away, Vyse is able to finally sell off their building materials; he even trades some for a load of basic armaments. He is also able to pick up two more cannons. After three weeks of trading, Vyse is ready to leave and suggests they head to Heartland to take their newfound cargo to Gereth.

While Vyse was trading, Clutch was busy at the shipyard getting the Whiskey Jack repaired and conversing with the locals about modifications they can provide. He finds out that, while no modifications are provided in Ironport, the dwarves in the capital of Deepsky provide many high quality services. However, it is very difficult to get to Deepsky unless you are a dwarf.

Drakdor Highwing and Rikki Tikki Tavi took their time off to search for a replacement for their fallen comrade, Bleemie. Rikki Tikki Tavi finds a dwarven Provider named Oll Macdougal who may be willing to join their crew. After meeting the others, he is hired, and they set out for Heartland.

Once they’re out into the Void, the Jacks spy a smoking ship in the distance. As they move to investigate, they see several staggering figures moving about the deck of the sky sloop Song of Spire. Clutch brings their ship abreast, and a bunch of blinded leap onto the ship and attack! Ragers appear on the deck, running toward them, and two Ogres and an Earthbane come up from below deck! With much of the crew resting below deck, it’s up to Clutch, Vyse, Drakdor Highwing and Rikki Tikki Tavi to take care of them for now. A furious fight ensues, with most of the glowmad killed or wounded.

Can the Jacks dispose of the remaining Ogres and Earthbane? Find out next time!

Session 10
Dirty, stinking Orcs!

Year 2, Weeks 47 – 52

Year 3, Weeks 1 – 9

The Rogue Jacks, as they’ve taken to calling themselves, begin this session in Gateway. Vyse spends some time researching information about the ‘Armor of Orcbane,’ one of the relics mentioned by Oceanus. He finds no real information about it; it seems that this is an unknown name.

While Vyse does his research, Dan Bon Jovi tries to get a meeting with the Trade Council representative to inquire about bounty jobs. Finally getting a meeting toward the end of the week, he was pleased to find out (albeit rudely) that there is a high-paying job that no one has taken. There are some rogue Drakin who have been terrorizing the people of Dragon’s Spine. The job pays a whopping $2,600 for the leader of the group (alive, of course). This is a widely-known warrant as well, meaning that, if caught, the bounty can be claimed at any Trade Council office.

The following week was spent purchasing building materials, an abundant resource in Gateway, from Tomas Hawke. The Jacks, loaded and ready, set out for Dragon’s Spine.

The 8 week journey to Dragon’s Spine was uneventful except for the crew getting irritated with the long journey. Thankfully, the glowmadness started to set on late in the journey, so the crew was able to relax and recuperate with little trouble.

The first week was spent by Vyse trying to sell the building materials from Gateway, however none of the buyers he found were willing to pay more than he bought them for. Dan Bon Jovi did what he could to find more about these troublesome Drakins while Drakdor Highwing visited some old friends.

Clutch took this opportunity to see what kind of ship modifications were available here. He had spoken with some Drakin shipbuilders on Shadowhaven and was impressed with the work they did there. He purchased an Improved Tiller and Dragon Ram for their flagship, the Whiskey Jack.

During this week, Dan Bon Jovi also found out about some Orc murders that had been happening recently, causing quite a fuss. Orcs have been harassing non-Orcs, and speaking about returning to their ‘old ways.’ In an effort to thwart the crimes, the Foreign Quarter militia decreed that weapons larger than daggers were not allowed to be carried in the city. This has not stopped them, unfortunately, but has helped them keep some peace.

The next week was spent talking to locals about the murders. After a while, they were assaulted by a group of Orcs, angry about the murders and just looking for an excuse to blame anyone involved.

The battle began with the Jacks outnumbered 4 to one and surrounded. With no real option of escape, they had to fight – and fight they did. Orcs began falling left and right – nearly half of them were killed before the militia showed up to break the fight up. Bleemie was mortally wounded, and passed just as the fight was ending. The militia arrested everyone involved that they could catch.

There was a short trial, though it was obvious that they had no intention of hearing either party’s case. The Jacks were each fined $300 (Dan Bon Jovi was fined an extra $400 for making some rude statements to the judge), but were allowed to instead serve the militia for a time. They were tasked with finding an Orc willing to act as bait to find this Orc-killer, and then watch and catch the culprit. They found one such Orc, named Ulak, after a week searching, though he demanded $100 per day for such a dangerous task. Reluctant to pay but eager to get this all over with, the Jacks agreed.

After 9 long days of waiting, the killer finally struck. The Jacks needed to be quick if they were to save Ulak. Bitter about being forced to pay him, however, they were not in a hurry except to catch this criminal. They quickly realized that the creature they were up against was Orcbane, the very thing they had been trying to find! He was a fearful sight, however – its form constantly shifting between an Orc with mad, ancient eyes, an agonized glowborn, and an unholy mixing of the two. Dan Bon Jovi panicked at first, fleeing before quickly coming to his senses.

As Clutch charged the beast, many ghosts appeared before him, stopping him in his tracks. He tried cutting them down with his longsword (the militia graciously allowed the Jacks to carry their weapons for this mission), but swung right through them. The Jacks eventually made their way around and through the ghosts to attack Orcbane, who was having a tough time killing Ulak – apparently Ulak was difficult to actually kill. Orcbane was able to make a mortal wound to Ulak, who was later finished off by Dan Bon Jovi, who missed Orcbane with his musket.

It was a tough fight – Orcbane was large, fearsome and tough. Clutch, Drakdor Highwing, Dan Bon Jovi and Vyse were able to take him down, though. After mortally wounding Orcbance, Clutch finished the job by doing a leaping nosedive onto the prone beast. With its last breath, it turned into a glowborn woman, who smiled and said

“Thank you. I though the hell I inhabited before was bad, but…but it was nothing compared to sharing a body with such a beast…”

She disappeared into a puff of the black mist that seemed to engulf Orcbane through the encounter, leaving behind nothing but some obviously ancient hide armor.

The Jacks decide to take and store this armor, not really sure of its power. They report to the militia, who exonerates their ‘debt to society.’

Session 9
The Shepherd

Year 2, Weeks 37 – 46

Our Crew took some leave in Timber to do some trading and carousing. Vyse spent 2 weeks selling their current cargo and replacing it with a stock of wooden supplies, while Clutch caroused a bit with the crew. While loading their new cargo, a deer wildling came running out of the woods toward them, covered in blood.

“Help! Please, you have to help us!”

After some calming and questions, they discovered that this wildling, Roe, had run through the forest for two days in search of help. His settlement was being hunted by a Shepherd!

“We were smuggled out of Heartland sixteen years ago. We made a good life for ourselves in the forest – free at last!

“One month ago, a shepherd tracked us down. We fought back, but the elf was skilled and we have no warriors. We did the only thing we could – we ran.

“The attacks grew worse and worse. It is obvious the shepherd isn’t alone – she has ferals with her. We decided, as the fastest, I would make a run for it and try to get help from the human tree-eaters. The others are making a stand a few hours from the village. I got past the shepherd and her creatures, but she managed to wound me.

“Please, you must help us!”

After some discussion, Our Crew decided to help. They formed an excursion party that consisted of Clutch, Vyse, Dan Bon Jovi, Drachma, and 4 of the deck hands. They were led by Roe through the forest for 4 days. The crew insisted on making camp each night – to Roe’s protest. On the second day, Drachma tripped a blade trap, but was able to jump out of the way just before being hit. At the end of the third day cycle, the Crew decided to push on through the sleep cycle to make it to the settlement sooner.

Upon reaching the wildling village, they found that it was a complete mess. Homes and shelters were torn apart, and not a soul was still in the settlement. Roe lead them out of the village down an animal path. After two hours, they found the site of a recent battle. Three mauled wildling corpses were spread around a large man-wolf creature that was slain by the wildlings’ spears.

Three hours later down the trail, they heard the sounds of fighting. Just ahead, across a large clearing, stood an Elf. She was intently watching two ferals try to draw wildlings out of a rock outcrop, and would pick them off as they fell out.

The Crew immediately attacked, but were unable to surprise the shepherd. Dan Bon Jovi and Drachma slowly closed in, firing their guns at the elf and ferals, who immediately charged at them. Clutch and the crew closed as fast as they could. The battle eventually turned into close combat between Clutch, the Elf, and Roe. Wounds were exchanged, but the Elf and her ferals finally fell.

The wildlings were unimaginably grateful for their help, but couldn’t offer them any payment other than whatever they could find on the Elf. After looting the bodies of their foes (finding cogs, armor, weapons, Elvish potions, and a peculiar potted plant), they made the 4-day hike back to Timber. The fruit from the plant thankfully was able to sustain all eight of them for the whole trip; the fruit seems to grow back every day.

They set out for Gateway as soon as they returned to their ship. This trip has been very long for them in the past, but they were able to make it in merely 6 weeks! They didn’t even run into any pirates; the islands must have shifted just right in their favor!

Once in Gateway, Vyse sold their cargo of wood to Tomas Hawke and went to the library to research the plant they found.

Session 8

Year 2, Weeks 1 – 36

2 weeks selling Zephyr (and clutch failing to find potion of healing)
1 week finding Potion (Vyse), Cannonballs (Dan)
1 week finding crew (Clutch), hires Bleemie
1 week finding Musket (dan) and cannonballs (clutch)
1 week finding work, dan takes a bounty to remove Grotesque threat on Nansea Pansea
1 week travel/search for Grotesques
1 week travel to gateway
10 weeks to Shadowhaven
1 week selling/buying goods (vyse), dan notices as going mad by guards, runs away
2 weeks searching for ship upgrades (clutch)
5 weeks to Heartland
1 week in heartland; vyse sells weapons/armor loads to Gareth, agrees to smuggle 12 wildlings and wait 1 week to get more. Dan finds bounty job to find proof Gareth is helping to free wildlings, offers $1k per returned wildling. Crew warns gareth and leaves.
9 weeks to Timber (runs into escaping wildlings and windstorm, passes elven patrol)

Session 7
A week late, so a cog short

Weeks 38 – 52

Our crew took only a couple of weeks in Gateway to relax and resupply before they were eager to get back out into the Void. Of course, the Void is just a side-effect of their desire to make some money, but they do spend a lot of time there. It’s a wonder they aren’t glowmad yet!

Vyse headed up to the Gateway Courier’s Guild looking for work. They had a message to be delivered to Breland Wedhol in Bridgeways. The estimated pay was the standard $1,200 for a 4-week delivery. He, Clutch and Dan Bon Jovi set off on the Baystard (leaving the Zephyr at the docks) as soon as they were ready.

Three weeks out they pass an unusual frigate flying merchant flags. The entire ship looked to be made of metal, and was mostly enclosed. Vyse was able to spy a few people inside as they passed.

Two weeks later they arrived at Bridgeways – one week late for Vyse’s delivery. He was paid 20% less, as is standard. He also agrees to deliver another letter back to Gateway. While Vyse was delivering his message, Clutch went to the shipyard to see what the people of Bridgeways could offer in the way of ship upgrades. Impressed with the local Windsilk Sails, he commissioned two sets of sails for their cloudskiffs. They spent a week in Bridgeways searching for goods to sell, but could not procure anything from which they thought they could profit.

As they set out to return to Gateway, they found themselves cursed by the winds; even with the new sails they were travelling much more slowly. Two weeks out, they spied a frigate ahead in the distance. As the two ships closed in on each other, the frigate began to maneuver itself in a potentially hostile manner – heading straight for them. Clutch, always eager for a fight (and dreaming of procuring a frigate), did not even think about turning away. The ships circled each other and exchanged cannon fire, eventually ending in the Baystard positioned to board the frigate, which was full of pirates. The pirates were not very well armed, and proved to be a threat only in numbers. Half of them swarmed the Baystard, while Clutch jumped aboard the frigate alone.

Vyse took to hand-to-hand combat, kicking at least three of the bastards off of their ship. Wounds were exchanged all around as the sounds of gunfire and steel against steel rang across both ships. The battle raged on furiously, and our crew began to fear for their lives – well out-numbered. The tide changed quickly, however, as Drachma landed a solid shot on the pirates’ captain, setting him alight with his pistol’s fury. Once the fighting stopped, sixteen of the pirates and their captain laid dead on the ships, and the remaining eight surrendered to the Baystard.

The frigate was in good condition, and was carrying a small load of cogs. They also realized that they had just enough hands to sail it with the Baystard in tow. It was very slow, and added some time to their journey; they made it to gateway six weeks later (two weeks late on the delivery).

Session 6
The Chase!

Weeks 25 – 37

The crew changed course to flee from the small fleet heading their way – they had no interest in the possibility of finding out who was chasing them out-numbered. In the meantime, Vyse found an elf named Ivella stowed away aboard the Zehpyr. While he was not happy to find a stow-away, Vyse took the situation as an opportunity to gain an extra set of hands on board. She seemed to know her way around ships, and also looked to be able to handle herself in combat.

Their pursuers stayed on their tails for about half a week before catching up with them. Thankfully two of them fell behind, leaving only one ship to deal with. They broke course to take a more offensive position. After a few cannon-volleys were exchanged, Clutch was able to maneuver the Baystard parallel to the frigate, and they quickley boarded each other. What followed was a vicious fight. Clutch, growing ever more thirsty for blood, swung onto the frigate, killing most everyone in his path. Dan Bon Jovi stayed aboard the Baystard firing the cannon into the frigate. With some covering fire from the Zephyr, the crew overtook the frigate, killed the captain, and took 8 of the now-obvious pirates prisoner. Dan Bon Jovi, seeing cogs in his eyes, offered the prisoners the chance to work for them in exchange for their lives (with the intention of turning them in to the Trade Council when they get back to Gateway).

The frigate – Windstorm – was in too poor condition to take while being pursued, so they decided to take what they could off of it and blow up the magazine. The explosion nearly damaged their own ships as they escaped, but it also provided some much-needed cover (and distraction) to allow them to escape the rest of the fleet.

Five peaceful weeks pass as they grow ever-more anxious to get to Gateway, when a dreaded sight is seen through the Void behind them: it seemed that the pirate fleet had caught up with them. The Lady of the Winds must have been on their side, however, as one of the ships came to a halt; they must have had some issues of their own! Now they only had to escape one ship again.

As this frigate – Distemper – closed in on them, it became obvious that it was much better outfitted than the last. They tried to stay out of close combat and deal with it with their cannons, but they were unable to penetrate the hull. As always, Clutch, thirsty for blood, maneuvered to board. This time, the pirates kept boarding them. vastly outnumbered, it was looking very grim for our crew. Their persistence and will-to-live eventually prevailed, however, as the pirates determined that they could not handle the number of casualties they were sustaining. They cut the lines and fled, and our crew took their chance to continue to Gateway.

The Shattered City could not come in to sight fast enough. On their 8th week, they passed a couple of ships in the distance moored to each other, and had not interest in investigating. Home was their only goal. The final three weeks seemed like a decade, but they made it!

Vyse, being as street-wise as he is, spent the next two weeks acquiring more cannonballs and selling what little cargo they had. All in all their long journey was well worth it. Jeche and Jarl paid them generously for their Heartland delivery, and offered them continued work if they ever desired it.


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