Certain creatures and horrific scenes may challenge a character’s resolve and cause them to make a Fear check (a Spirit roll) when they see them. A success on the Spirit roll means the character manages to overcome the situation and carry on. A failed Fear roll depends on whether the cause of the roll was grotesque or terrifying in nature.


If the scene was grotesque or horrific, such as a grisly discovery or learning a secret ‘Man was not meant to know,’ the character is Shaken and must make a Vigor roll or suffer severe nausea/mental shock that causes a level of Fatigue for the remainder of the encounter. A natural 1 on the Spirit die (regardless of the Wild Die) causes the victim to roll on the Fright Table as well.


A terrifying trigger, such as a monstrous creature or unknowable evil, is much more intense and can rattle enven the most stout-heared hero. Extras are typically Panicked. Wild Cards must roll on the Fright Table should they fail their Fear check. Roll 1d20 and add the monster’s Fear penalty, if any, to the roll (a -2 adds +2, for example).

Fright Table

1d20 Effect
1-4 Adrenaline Surge: The hero’s fight response takes over. He adds +2 to all Trait and damage rolls on his next action
5-8 Shaken
9-12 Panicked: The character immediately moves his full Pace plus running die away from the danger and is Shaken
13-16 Minor Phobia: The character gains a Minor Phobia Hindrance somehow associated with the trauma.
17-18 Major Phobia: The character gains a Major Phobia Hindrance
19-20 The Mark of Fear: The hero is Shaken and also suffers some cosmetic physical alteration – a white streak forms in their hair, his eyes twitch constantly, or some other minor physical alteration. This reduces his Charisma by 1.
21+ Heart Attack: The hero is so overwhelmed with fear that his heart stutters. He becomes incapacitated and must make a Vigor roll at -2. If successful, he’s Shaken and can’t attempt to recover for 1d4 rounds. If he fails, he dies in 2d6 rounds. A Healing roll at -4 saves the victim’s life, but he remains incapacitated.


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